Home Sweet Home!

Once we got back to the states it was time to stop eating out, start cooking at home, and making our house cozy and warm. Here are some of our new must haves for to make our house a home.

Sous Vide .. Yes Please!

This device is the best!Although I love a grilled steak, using the sous vide is the best way to make the most tender, delicious filet mignon! After it cooks in the sous vide (you can find recipes on the associated Anova app), I just sear it on a cast iron and it is perfection! I've also made salmon, pork chops, chicken, and so many more protein options. What I love is once I put something in the water, it typically takes 1 hourish for everything to cook and I use that time to make sides for whatever meal I'm making. But seriously, DELICIOUSNESS! #ad

We're casting our vote for this Cast Iron Pan

A sous vide's best buddy is the cast iron! As a way to add a beautiful sear to whatever you're cooking. Not only that, but this is the best kitchen item to make things like Cajun blackened chicken or scallops. Be sure to look up a youtube video on how to "season" the cast iron before and between uses. This will help both enhance flavors and prevent rusting. I originally bought the 8 inch, but actually recommend the 12 inch to make sure you can get everything you need cooked without doing it in rounds.

Warm welcoming scent for your home or bathroom? This essential oil diffuser is a game changer.

When we were in St. Petersburg, Florida we walked into a beautiful hotel near the beach and were instantly captivated by the amazing White Tea scent that filled the lobby.  When we got home I ordered this diffuser and some white tea essential oils to make our apartment smell just as warm and cozy. #ad

Okay you got your diffuser, but now what oils do you use? 

I love my hope smelling light and fresh, and yes, a little like a hotel to feel a little fancy. This has become my go-to! This oil smells amazing, and a little goes a LONG way so you purchase this bottle and it will last you a while. The first time I used it in our diffuser my boyfriend came home from work and his eyes lit up walking through the door and smelling this delicious scent. It's great without being overpowering. #ad