around the world then home again

After backpacking through Europe with my boyfriend, preparing him for a trip to Africa, and then finally coming back to the states and building a home, we wanted to share our tips, tricks, products that saved us, and stories!

About Me

As someone that loves to travel and sharing tips to exploring the world and making a cozy home to come back to

What we're all about

Travel Must Haves!

From backpacking Europe in the summer of 2021, my boyfriend and I narrowed down our backpacking 101 must haves that made our trip better and also sharing our mistakes.

Home Sweet Home ... on a Budget

Once we were done traveling we moved to Denver and had to make our house a home! Here are the products that get us through the crazy work week and give us all the comfy feels at home. 

around the world then home again

The world is your oyster so get out of your comfort zone and go explore! 
But the best part of travel is coming back to a place you love <3 we're here to help with both!